ST-10sվ  Breath Alcohol Tester

How the use the Alcohol Tester?

Warm Up:
1) Press the power button once, the alcohol tester LCD will turn on with one beep sound.
2) The "warm up" symbol is displayed, and the 10 to 0 or 15-0 countdown is started that indicate the tester is in warm-up mode.
1) The "Blow" symbol is displayed when warm-up is succeed, and the 9 to 0 countdown is started that indicate the tester is in testing mode.
2) Near and blow into the breath inhaler for 3-5 seconds.
3) Read the test result from the alcohol tester LCD.
4) The "caution" symbol is displayed if the alcohol concentration is the level: 0.03%BAC(0.3g/l) to 0.05%BAC (0.5g/l).
5) The " Danger" symbol is displayed with more hurried beep audible alert if the alcohol concentration is the level: over & equal 0.05%BAC(0.5g/l).
* Sensor: advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor;
* Range: 0.00%-0.19%BAC (0.0-1.9g/l);
* Test accuracy: 0.01%BAC(0.1g/l);
* Power input: 2X1.5V AAA alkaline battery (for alcohol tester) & 1X15.V Ag13 button cell (for clock);
* Operating time: warm-up:10-15s; Response:<5s;
* Clock accuracy:+/-2.0 seconds/day;
* Dimension: 108 X 38 X 20mm
-When after drinking, it is recommend to last after 20 minutes, it is because 20 minutes is approximately for alcohol to be absorbed into blood 
  from the digestive organs, and residual alcohol remaining in the mouth takes this long go dissipate.
- For accurate result, do not repeat next testing with 3 minutes after last time.
- Do not smoke and eat for 20 minutes prior testing.
- Do not use chemicals to clean the tester directly.
- Do not blowing liquid into the breath pipe.
- Do not use any excicant substances near the tester, such as pains, insecticides, alcohols.
- Do not place the tester in the closed environment with contaminated air.
- The result of this alcohol gives BAC for reference only. We do not to take any legal responsibility.