XIOM Hayabusa Zx

層數: 5+2
厚度: 5.7mm
攻擊指數: OFF
離台遠近: 中
軟硬度: 中
敏銳度: 銳利+
重量: 85克 ±5
拍柄: 橫板FL/ST和直板CS

性能特點:  中檯孤圈快攻型,2層超級傑龍纖維與聚能X混編.

產地: 韓國

Powerful synergy of wood and composite material. Zephylium Carbon character in the second layer makes ZX feel sensibly sharp but unbelievably softer than other composite blades. Flexibility was kept by reconstruction of the inside layers, regardless the non-wood material. Player can make continuous top spins with extra power. Control phase of the game improves along with the winning opportunities. New paradigm defines Hayabusa optimizing controversial properties to make the unprecedented table tennis weapon. Made in Korea.