S5-73i  德國SPONETA乒乓球檯

*100mm直徑尼龍膠轆, 其中2個有鎖掣.
*可摺合, 雙摺式乒乓球檯.
*檯面由22mm厚為高密度纖維板(high density particle board).

~2** chipboard 22mm
~frame profile 50mm, ready assembled
~compact-undercarriage (type 4b), with square-profile 50x30 mm
~plastic-coated, white aluminium
~locking system: handle system
~movable with 4 wheels ? 100mm with rubber tread, all wheels are manoeuvrable, 2 of them are lockable
~ball holder on both sides of the table
~height adjuster for bottom
~Dimensions: 274cm x 152,5cm x 76cm
~Weight TT-table: 100kg
~Storage size (with net): L: 152,5 (184)cm x W: 69,5cm x H: 155cm