PULSE Racer (43) 把終極效率放進有高要求球員的每一次擊球中。

PULSE 膠皮系列是 Cornilleau, Michelin 和頂尖日本專家三方共同研究的成果。

Spin-Drive 技術用它獨特研發的顆粒形狀達到三大特點:更轉、更穩、更長壽。

用90%純度橡膠製造的 Efficient Curve 膠皮在快速擊球中,獨享其無與倫比的摩擦力來製造旋轉。


Long Life Performance: Efficient Curve, Spin-Drive , DynaCell 三方面的組合在旋轉與速度兩方面即保證了使用壽命也保證了其穩定性。
PULSE Racer (43°) offers extremely demanding players radical efficiency in every one of their offensive strokes.

The PULSE rubber range is the result of an important tri-party Research & Development program between Cornilleau, Michelin and the best Japanese experts.

Spin-Drive technology presents 3 advantages thanks to the unique shape of its pimples: more spin, greater precision and long lasting adherence.

Made of 90% natural rubber, the Efficient Curve top-sheet achieves an unrivalled degree of grip on coverings this fast.

With its highly innovative composition, combined with very uniform cells, DynaCell sponge reaches the peak in terms of delivering energy and sound.

Long Life Performance: the combination of Efficient Curve, Spin-Drive and DynaCell technologies guarantees you perfect stability over time and great sustainability of the two main performance criteria: grip and speed.