速度: 極快
旋轉: 極好
控制: 中/好
硬度: 48
厚度: 2.0/Max

雷神是JOOLA 12年首推的新型套膠!

特點: 特別針對那些擅長旋轉, 有極強攻擊性及爆發力的選手所研發. 海綿硬度48, 面膠下之特殊顆粒設計,

提供前所未有的旋轉和穿透力! 所以在進攻方面的力量,控制能力, 以及檯內短球或遠檯對攻都令人非常滿意.

JOOLA RHYZM is the new star in the rubber stratosphere. Specially developed for the topspin player who plays an aggressive offensive game with extreme power, dynamics and rotation. The new, extremely grippy and spin elastic surface combined with the 48° sponge provides rotation and piercing force as never before. Despite the sensational power, Rhyzm offers extreme control in the passive play, whether in a short touch game over the table, chopping or offensive topspin game. At all times JOOLA RHYZM provides a new dimension of playing fun. The JOOLA Rhyzm brings rhythm to the game Strategy OFF- bis OFF ext. Speed EXTRA HIGH Spin EXTRA HIGH Control MEDIUM/HIGH Hardness 48°