Blue Fire JP02

Control: 7-
Speed: 10
Spin: 10++
Hardness: Medium-
Surface: spin elastic
Thickness: 2.0mm/Max

Sponge hardness: medium V Top surface: spin-elastic - new version of the JP-series - a medium-hard open-pored sponge (45X V compared to: JP 01: 47,5X and JP03: 42,5X) - perfectly combines spin, speed and control - excellent feel; easy to play with and very forgiving Bluefire JP 02: The golden middle. This version is a thrilling addition to the JP family. This sponge, in the medium range, produces a perfect combination of spin, speed and control. This rubber closes the gap between JP 01 and JP 03. Ideally suited for attackers and powerful allround players who require all these qualities in a rubber.